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The Costs


We operate a simple hourly rate. All tuition is individual. Payments must be made in advance.


Online Tuition - £10 per 30 mins


Telephone Support - £2 per 5 mins


Home Tuition - £25 per hour


Maths4Adults offers online tuition using Skype with interactive whiteboards, telephone and e-mail support. Personal home tuition is available in Devizes, Trowbridge and Melksham. Ask for a free trial lesson.

Who is it for?


Do you need to take a numeracy test for your job application? Are you studying for an examination? Want to improve your qualifications to get a better job? Want to be able to help your children with their work? Then it could be for you.....

  • GCSE/A-Level
  • Job Application Numeracy Tests
  • Maths for Employment
  • Maths for Further Education
  • Tuition from Oxford Maths Graduate
  • Competitive Rates
  • Tuition at home or online

The importance of Maths


A sound understanding of the basics of Maths gives you a valuable key to a successful future. Most good jobs now require GCSE Maths Grade C or above. Most aptitude tests now include a Maths element. If you are studying or working in Science, Finance, Economics, IT, Administration or Accounts you will be using Maths daily.


Get ahead of the rest and boost your Maths skills now with Maths4Adults.


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